We are a Liberal-Orthodox Congregation that seeks to provide
​an alternative to the conventional Synagogue.

Shabbat services will continue throughout the summer at a new time, 10:15am 

Monday Evening, July 31, 7:30pm, Tisha B'Av (Saddest day of Jewish year.) Join us for a reflective evening as we commemorate the tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people
​throughout history.

Events & Fundraisers

Come out and enjoy the events while supporting your congregation.



Celebrate Life Cycle

We provide the opportunity to celebrate and commemorate Jewish life cycle events
in a warm and inviting fashion. 


Email: Kehilatmoshe@gmail.com     |     Phone: 347 850 4170

​​Judaism Within

Your Reach

Kehilat Moshe welcomes every opportunity to
​serve the Jewish community.

Rabbi Segal's ​weekly Video:

Sunday Afternoon, August 20, 4:00pm, Join us for Jewish Heritage Day at Staten Island Yankees. Read More...

​We proudly welcome all people who wish to connect
​with the Jewish community.