Photo courtesy of Hiram J. Segarra

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                                                            Rabbi Shlomo Segal along and his wife Adina,
​                                                            founded Kehilat Moshe in 2013, with a vision of injecting

a sense of meaning and purpose into people's lives. 

Under their leadership Kehilat Moshe has become a dynamic and diverse community which
​offers worship services, classes, and a wide array of events that reach people of all ages.

The vision of Rabbi and Rebetzen continues to become a reality as they watch their

congregational family grow closer to God and Torah and connect with their Jewish heritage while still walking in the fullness of who they are as human beings. 

Rabbi and Rebetzen Segal extend an open, non-judgmental hand to every individual who enters our doors and encourages each one of us to add our own unique stitch to the rich fabric of Jewish life. 

Kehilat Moshe was established to honor the memory of Rabbi Segal’s Father, Moshe J. Segal who left this world in 2011 (Pictured left )


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