Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Topics of Our Times
Join us on the second Thursday of each month at 12:00 Noon at the Kings Bay Y, 3495 Nostrand Avenue.

​Bring a dairy or parve brown-bag lunch as we discuss the issues of our day from a Jewish point of view. We will talk about social issues, events in the Jewish world, news of Israel and the Mideast and much, much more.

Next five dates: June 8th, July 13, August 10th, September 14th, and November 9th

Adult Education

"A righteous man falls down
​seven times and gets up."

– King Solomon, Proverbs, 24:16.

"Jews and Non-Jewish Holidays"
Rabbi Segal will explore the Jewish view of holidays that

are not intrinsically Jewish.
Tuesday, October 24, 7:30pm - Jews & Halloween
Tuesday, November 14, 7:30pm - Jews & Thanksgiving
Tuesday, December 5, 7:30pm - Jews & The December Dillemma
Tuesday, January 9, 7:30pm - Jews & Birthdays
You may also participate via conference-line.

Please contact us for instructions.
(Must RSVP by October 23)